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Mason Campus

About The Campus

This is Spanish Learning Castle’s second school, located in the beautiful Southwest Equestrian Center.

The school was inaugurated in June 2019. The school has a 4500 sq ft building surrounded by the open grounds of the Equestrian Center with an eye view of nature and its stables.


The school building contains 6 large classrooms with plenty of space for our teachers to comfortably conduct their classes in harmony and for our students to learn Spanish.


The building also has a large indoor play area/center for before and after-school activities and where the children can play during inclement weather.

Eva Rincon

Eva is the Director of Spanish Learning Castle at Mason. She has degrees in Marketing and Law. She's originally from Venezuela.

Her father, who's also a teacher, inspired her to follow the education path. She started her experience as a teacher by volunteering in her country, working with children of limited means.


She understood that the support of a good teacher comes from teaching with love from an early age, and contributing so that each child can become a happy adult.

In her free time, she loves to play with her children, travel, and cook for her family.

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