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School Programs

Hands-On Experiences

The Spanish environment surrounding our activities enables your child to learn Spanish at the same time as practicing early childhood educational concepts. Our curriculum also incorporates group activities to reinforce the fun of the Spanish language in songs, movement, and games.

This program is designed for children that have no prior knowledge of Spanish and incorporates (reinforces the language) those children who speak the language already. We incorporate this philosophy in our weekly lesson plan.

Below are some areas that your child will be exposed to this year. They are not way complete as each day brings a different focus and variety of activities. The philosophy behind our curriculum is that young children learn best by “playing”. When children play, they are working. We believe that this is fun and best way to learn. Our curriculum works best when teachers and parents work together.

Fine Motor Skills  

Lacing Cards

Doing Puzzles


Building with Blocks and Legos

Cutting, Gluing, Drawing, Painting

Using Manipulative Toys

Play-Dough, Sand

Gross Motor Skills

Throwing, Kicking,

Catching Balls



Parachute Play

Science Skills

Weight and Balances



Math Skills

Counting, Sorting, Grouping

Creating Patterns 

Shape Combinations

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